Who we are?

INDEREN Is a company with an important technical capacity and with a wide experience in the field of industrial installations, dedicated to the promotion and development of renewable energies, and especially sensitive to the environment. We offer a competitive energy model that provides economic returns and social values to our customers, both domestic and industrial.

What we do?

Installation services in biogas plants

Although we have made installations of renewable energies of different types, we have been specializing in the execution of installations in Biogas Plants for groindustrial valorization and electric generation.


Agroindustrial valorization is the best solution for the problem of livestock waste and slurry on farms. With biogas plants we solve this problem by turning it into energy and fertilizer, with rates of electric generation by cogeneration of 365 days a year.


The type of installation in agro-industrial biomethanation plants for electricity generation is the most technically complete within the biogas sector. With more than 20 installations carried out in national biogas plants and international (Holland, Belgium, France, Costa Rica); we are a well-positioned, and valued company in this sector.


Either in national biogas plants and international (Holland, Belgium, France, Costa Rica); we are a well-positioned, and valued company in this sector. We carry out the manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of the necessary installations in a biogas plant. Our installers have the necessary certifications in electricity, plumbing, fas, control systems, thermal installations…

Competences as installers

Valuation of the design

We study the engineering proposal and estimate prices and alternatives.

Component assembly

On site, and based on the technical direction of the works, we proceed to the full installation of manufactured and supplied components.

PLC control

We implement control and elecrical panels for Biogas Plants

Maintenance service and system failures correction

We ensure the full functioning of the installation.


Checking and verification of the efficient functioning of the installation through systems: Heating, pumping, pneumatic compression, treatment (filtration, desulfurization and drying of biogas, etc.).


According to customer requirements, we manufacture components, manifolds, piping, structures, ladders, lagging (heat-insulate)

Installation of different systems

According to the PID diagrams, we execute the assembly of the different systems attending to requirements of CONTROL, ELECTRICAL, PNEUMATIC, in actuators and automatisms.

Component supply

We are distributors of the major brands, giving a service of the different products that are used: pipes, valves, actuadotes, compressors, filters, etc.

Main clients

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