INDEREN carried out works in the 500 kW Estrella de Levante Biogas Plant at the Cañada Hermosa Landfill (MURCIA).

INDEREN as an installation company for the engineering LUDAN – a reference in renewable energies and oriented to the realization of projects of electrical generation from organic waste by biomethanization biogas, projected the construction of the expansion of a biogas plant of 500 kW of power in the Landfill of Cañada Hermosa (Murcia).

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 01

The expansion of the Cañada Hermosa complex is within the requirements of the offer presented by CESPA (the Ferrovial subsidiary) to renew the concession for the collection and treatment of garbage from the municipality of Cañada Hermosa, a contest that only CESPA presented. The contract signed in 2011 with the City Council until 2031 included in the project this extension, which will mean an increase of the workforce in 12 people (from the current 58 workers to 70).

To carry out the construction of the biogas plant CESPA together with Estrella de Levante, they counted on the veteran biogas engineering LUDAN Renewables, under which INDEREN is subcontracted.

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 02

In the last quarter of 2013 INDEREN carried out the installation works for the biogas plant from waste generated at the Estrella de Levante brewery.

Sludge, discarded barley and waste from vats are used at the Cañada Hermosa landfill to feed the digester and generate the biogas. The biogas is consumed in a boiler and a dryer, which transform the grains already used in the manufacture of beer into a dry product with high protein content, very suitable for the production of feed.

Works carried out by INDEREN

  • The heating of the substrate is carried out inside the digester, by means of the biogas boiler and the stainless steel manifold in the insulated outdoor cabinet. Manufacture, supply and installation of these elements were made by INDEREN.
  • Supply and installation of the 20 foot substrates pumping container. With galvanized steel pipe and HDPE inside, in addition to helical screw pump.

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 03

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 05

  • Manufacturing, supply and installation of the piping of the plant, using PE for substrates, gas and water; PEX for desulphurisation and compressed air and stainless steel 316L for the gas collector.
  • Installation of the following special equipment:
    • Crusher
    • Condensate well
    • Instrumentation
    • Prebalsa vertical pump
    • Torch
    • Agitators
    • Dryer
    • Canvas for digester
  • Integration of pumping and protection cabinet in the container.

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 04

  • Supply of the following special equipment:
    • Prebalsa grids
    • Structure of solid separator
    • Hopper
    • Access platform for peepholes with galvanized steel ladder
    • Bilge pumps
    • Coated digester with corrugated steel plate and finished

The Photos about the Estrella de Levante Project 500kW Biogas Plant in Murcia (Spain)

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 06

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 07

LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia 08

INDEREN Smart Biogás LUDAN Estrella Levante Murcia

At INDEREN we are pleased to be able to work on renewable energy projects that guarantee a more sustainable future.

We have extensive experience in the field of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of biogas plants and waste treatment plants. We also offer our customers container solutions: manufacturing of containers combining different systems according to the client’s needs (biogas, solar, industrial…). Contact us for more information.

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