INDEREN was the installation company in the 500kW biogas plant located in Torregrossa, Lleida

Under the contracting of the company AE3000 of Lleida, INDEREN has carried out the following works in the Torregrossa II biogas plant.

INDEREN was responsible for the construction of the heating system of the plant, as well as the entire network of pipelines, manifolds and pressure equipment for substrates, liquids, slurry and gas.

In addition, INDEREN has also been entrusted with the development and construction of the plant’s control and instrumentation system.

Planta Biogás 500kw en Torregrossa Lleida 01

In the upper image what we can see is the heating system by heat exchangers together with its heat insulation, expansion vessels, thermal and pressure sensors, transfer pumps, filter and manually operated butterfly valves.

In this system the collector has been installed in a room under cover, but it is usually customary to solve this system as a solution in adapted maritime containers, of which INDEREN is the manufacturer.

We can also see the system installed under methane gas desulphurization deck. This pre-treatment is necessary for the correct combustion inside the cogeneration engine of electrical and thermal production.

Planta Biogás 500kw en Torregrossa Lleida 02

Characteristics of the Torregrossa II biogas plant

  1. Annual treatment capacity of the biogas plant on the farm:
    • 18,500 m3 of slurry
    • 8,300 m3 of organic waste
    • Three digesters of 1,700 m3
    • Electric motor power: 500 kW
    • Motor thermal power: 530 kW
    • Average annual production (8.000 hours of operation)
      • 4,000,000 electric kW
      • 4,240,000 thermal kW
  2. Also responsible for the construction of the entire network of pipelines (piping), pressure equipment (pneumatic) and distribution of liquids, substrates and gasification, as well as the assembly of different elements and control systems.
  3. All the energy generated by cogeneration, both electric and thermal energy will be self-consumed by the farm, selling surplus electricity to the distribution network at market price.
  4. The San Francisco farm is made up of pigs. In situ is solved the problem of organic waste from the farm, slurry, meat waste, surplus plant, which are converted into electricity (self-consumed or sold in surplus), in thermal energy, for heating the farm facilities in winter and in addition we obtain fertilizers for the same farm.

The Photos about the 500kW biogas plant in Torregrossa, Lleida (Spain)

Planta Biogás 500kw en Torregrossa Lleida 03

Planta Biogás 500kw en Torregrossa Lleida 04

Planta Biogás 500kw en Torregrossa Lleida 05

At INDEREN we are pleased to be able to work on renewable energy projects that guarantee a more sustainable future.

We have extensive experience in the field of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of biogas plants and waste treatment plants. We also offer our customers container solutions: manufacturing of containers combining different systems according to the client’s needs (biogas, solar, industrial…). Contact us for more information.

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