INDEREN was the installation company of the 1 MW biogas plant in Inchdairnie, United Kingdom.

In 2017, INDEREN, subcontracted by the engineering company QILA ENERGY and under its supervision, carried out the design, control and construction works on the pipes, valves and instrumentation system of the plant. In addition, we installed all the necessary equipment for the anaerobic digestion process. The biogas plant has a capacity of 1 MW, and is located in Inchdairnie, United Kingdom.

001 Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

01 Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

05 Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

Works carried out by INDEREN

The INDEREN team carried out the following works in the Inchdairnie biogas plant:


  • Design, construction, test, transport and installation of biogas boiler container
  • Construction of aerial gas pipelines made of stainless steel for feeding the biogas boiler
  • Construction aerial hot water pipes of carbon steel for exchange in the biogas boiler
  • Design, construction, testing, transport and installation of pasteurizer container
  • Design, manufacture, transport and installation of pasteurizing tanks

Instalación de Contenedor Pasteurizador01-Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

Installation of Container Pasteurizer

  • Interconnection of substrates and hot water pipes between container and pasteurizing tanks
  • Design and installation of all biogas pipes in plant (aerial and buried)
  • Design and installation of all substrates pipe lines in plant (aerial and buried)
  • Design and installation of all hot water pipes in the plant (aerial and buried, pre-insulated)

  • Insulation of hot water pipes and substrates
  • Installation of agitators in tanks
  • Installation of solid separator
  • Electrical works for the interconnection of equipment to the general control panel of the plant and connection of the general control panel to the low voltage switchboard
  • Manufacture and installation of electrical panels for equipment supplied by INDEREN

  • Installation of gas meters in tanks of 16 m, 32 m and 35 m in diameter
  • Supply and installation of gasometer safety valves
  • Supply and installation of pumps in sewage well

Instalación de Gasómetros01-Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

Installation of Gasometers

Soplante de gasómetro-Planta Biogás 1MW Inchdairnie Reino Unido

Gasometer blower

  • Supply and installation of peepholes in tanks
  • Supply and installation of pressure, temperature and height sensors in tanks
  • Perform drilling on concrete tanks up to 300 mm in diameter
  • Supply and installation of compressed air, oxygen and gas analyzer lines
  • Design, manufacture and installation of platforms and access stairs necessary for the process in galvanized steel

Platforms and Stairs

The video about the biogas plant located in Inchdairnie, United Kingdom

The benefits of biomethanization of the plant in Inchdairnie, United Kingdom

  1. This project has gas injection to the natural gas network. After the biogas stage, the gas network is injected.
  2. Electric and thermal energy is also generated by CHP engine. The electrical energy will be injected into the general electrical network and the thermal energy will be used in the process of generating biogas.

The photos about the plant in Inchdairnie, United Kingdom

At INDEREN we are pleased to be able to work on renewable energy projects that guarantee a more sustainable future.

We have extensive experience in the field of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of biogas plants and waste treatment plants. We also offer our customers container solutions: manufacturing of containers combining different systems according to the client’s needs (biogas, solar, industrial…). Contact us for more information.

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