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We are Biogas installers

The Biogas sector in Spain is moving forward and in Europe is consolidating, the potential of this Renewable Resource is very high.
INDEREN a company for general installations with extensive knowledge in Electrical Installations, Pumping Systems, Distribution Networks and Gas Installations, in collaboration with other companies operating Biogas of national and European scope; offers its services for the realization, execution and maintenance of biogas plant facilities.

Biogas is, as its name implies, a combustible gas that is generated by biodegradation reactions of organic matter.

Biogas has thermal and electrical uses from the treatment of waste water, urban solid waste, industrial waste, livestock, agricultural and agro-food industry.

We can say that any type of waste of organic matter is susceptible of being transformed into energy, through its previous transformation into biogas.

The advantages of this type of facilities include:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions (through the carbon neutral process or emission neutral balance)
  • Savings in consumption and less dependence on fossil fuels
  • It is a solution to organic livestock and agricultural residues (manure and dejections)

In the Biogas sector, what do we do?

Inderen carry out works in industrial installations for electricity generation with biogas.

The company has extensive experience and expertise in the development and execution of installations in industrial plants.

We have our own offices and workshops located in Albal-Alcasser (VALENCIA), this allows us to have a correct time management for the design, manufacture and installation of piping, collectors, skids, platforms, metal structures, stairs, etc.

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We carry out all types of design and manufacture, CUSTOMISE according to the needs of the ground and elements.
We also produce solutions in marine containers, such as custom manufacturing of pumping stations, electrical and control panels in biogas plants, heating boilers and exchange.

Biogas plants Solutions

Our pipelines can be operated on different materials:
We are fully certified for all these types of welds.

Types of installations and disciplines

We have proven experience in all types of industrial installations:

  • PLUMBING (Piping)


Our manufacturing capacity of pipelines in our workshop, allows us to develop customized solutions for any type of industrial installation.
Manifolds, Supports, lagging, Tracing.

GAS lines, hot water, glycol, HDPE sludge, PVC PRESSURE, heating, steam, compressed air.

Electrical protections and automatisms, PLC control

We are used to manufacturing electrical and control panels with PLC in SCADA system.

Our technicians for installation and maintenance of components and automatisms, are qualified to carry out the installation and commissioning of the industrial installation of the biogas plant.

Cogeneration engine

We make the installation of conductions to the cogeneration engine, as well as the previous installation of devices required for its commissioning and correct operation.

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Pre-treatment of methane biogas to cogeneration

It is necessary the conduction outdoors of the different types of elements, the picture on the right is an example of a pipeline for pre-treatment of methane biogas to cogeneration.

Among the previous treatments are DRYING, FILTERING,DESULFURIZATION and PREHEATING of the Biogas.
Inderen is qualified for the manufacture, assembly and installation of your biogas treatment system

Valve and equipment installation

Al integrar el diseño, fabricación y montaje dentro de la misma empresa, Inderen Optimiza los recursos y acortar los tiempos de duración de los trabajos.

Amplia experiencia en montaje e instalación de automatismos eléctricos y neumáticos, valvulería, bombeo, soplantes, conexiones, canaletas.

Instalación integral de componentes en biodigestores, agitadores, tuberías, sensores de control, sistemas de calefacción interna, etc.

Instalaciones en la planta bajo cubierta, contenedores y skids

By integrating the design, manufacturing and assembly within the same company, Inderen optimizes the resources and shorten the duration of the works.

Broad experience in assembly and installation of electrical and pneumatic automatisms, valving, pumping, blowers, connections, gutters.

Integral installation of components in biodigestors, agitators, pipes, control sensors, internal heating systems, etc.

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Photo gallery of Inderen works

In the following section, we can see a compilation of the works that Inderen performs as an installer in industrial plants.