Photovoltaics. INDEREN has extensive experience as an installation company in renewable energy projects.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

We have carried out projects of solar fields, self-consumption installations in housing, restaurants, sports pavilions, etc.

Solar energy allows to have an energy source clean and endless.

INDEREN offers different technologies to take advantage of photovoltaic solar energy to obtain electricity, either to connect in general electric network or into isolated systems where the electric grid does not reach.

Solar energy, because of its modularity, can be used in small installations that are easily integrated into buildings and their surroundings. For this reason, it is a friendly energy and can be used on a large scale and without environmental impact problems.

In INDEREN we carry out photovoltaic installations on: Soil, Industrial Roofs, Single Family and Multifamily Homes.

We offer TURNKEY installations that include:

  • Project
  • Administrative procedures and license as energy producer
  • Installation
  • Start up
  • After Sales Service (Warranty, Repairs and Maintenance)

Thermal solar energy

Execution and installation of sanitary hot water systems with solar thermal panels and thermosyphons.

Solar thermal energy consists of harnessing the energy of the Sun to produce heat with which to generate hot water for consumption, either as domestic hot water (DHW), heating, or for swimming pools climatization.

The installation of a solar thermal system allows to obtain up to 70% of the production of domestic hot water, becoming a saving in the energy bill of the home.

We are backed by the guarantee, professionalism and experience of each of the companies with which we work, among them we can highlight: SCHÜCO and THERMOR.

In INDEREN we design, install, do the administrative processing and maintain thermal solar installations in single-family houses, buildings, industries, public swimming pools, etc …

We create solutions for our customers by carrying out the study of all the components of the installation.

Because each customer has different needs; from our company we also offer different alternatives so that the customer select the one that best suits their needs.

Please do not hesitate to trust us, and to ask for a quote for any type of photovoltaics information.