Pilot Plants

Manufacturing of pilot plants

A pilot plant is built to prove a productive process or technology; it is always based on a previous design of the engineering, and also on the specific needs of each process. INDEREN makes possible the modular, summarized and containerized manufacture for all design requirements, for the prove and analysis of the process in a pilot plant. Pilot plants are used to prove the feasibility of a project, or to do field studies under different conditions.

We have a broad experience and expertise in this área:

  • Biogas pilot plant for LUDAN and AINIA in project SOSTRICE. Biogas from rice Straw
  • Digestate Pilot plant from slurry
  • Pilot plant from sewage sludge
  • Dry digestion pilot plant
  • Mobile Composting pilot plant
  • Pilot plant for the generation of pellets for biomass

Most of the projects have been developed within the field of R + D + i, being justified and being managed proactively; giving solutions to the designs in paper of the engineering.

Most of these projects can be divided into systems and subsystems, if we reduce the space between them, we are able to integrate the pilot plant into modules or marine containers. Obtaining a functional and portable unit with its PLC control panel, and analyzers with its feedback of process data, alarms, etc.

Please do not hesitate to trust us, and to ask for a quote for any type of scale pilot plant.