Working with us, our added value


Along with the guarantee of our more than 50 Biogas Plant installations experience counselling and participating in Europe, and in contrast with local installers not familiar with biogas particularities, engineering drawings and versatility to find solutions when required; we unblock difficulties thanks to a high professional contribution in knowledge and our extensive experience within the field.


Strictly complying with delivery times and budget keeps our clients satisfied and counting with us one project after another. Please, again, don´t hesitate to contact our List of References: ENVITEC, QILA ENERGY, BIO-DYNAMICS, LUDAN GROUP, BIOGEST, HERA, ENERIA, FARMATIC, XERGI …


To fully adapt to our client’s needs during the process of implementing our installations thanks again to a high professional contribution in knowledge and our extensive experience within the field.


We offer high quality at the most competitive prices, particularly in comparison with central European installers.


INDEREN has the human resources, economic and financial solvency to run into the start up and development of several projects at the same time, we encourage you to please contact our List of References to have a direct opinion from our clients, since these works serve as our best endorsement.

Proyecto Ecofrost-INDEREN


We equally ensure that our suppliers and material, only from European origin, meet both certifications and European regulations.

Proyecto Campillos-INDEREN


In any country we work in, we develop the same protocol that includes: working only from suppliers with a distribution chain on the country, support warehouses in the local area, broad extra material stock for unforeseen events, and we also guarantee that there is always some part of our staff working on site able to speak the native language of the country to facilitate communication and the tasks of coordination.

Proyecto Ayora-INDEREN