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Occupational Risk Prevention

INDEREN, integrated in its general policy, it has as one of its essential objectives to promote, enhance and maintain the policy on prevention of occupational risks at maximum levels of protection for its workers. This main objective must be accomplish in total agreement and preventive concordance with what is established in the existing Legislation and with the commitments of its clients in this matter.


Occupational risk prevention training.

Sensitization and training are fundamental tools in the Prevention System of the company, in order to raise awareness and knowledge in the area of Health Security among our staff. For this reason, every worker who joins the company, receives specific training and information of his work position.

All our workers have first and second cycle training courses as established in the labor risk regulations.


Preventive resource training.

INDEREN has an organizational structure in preventive matters.

The work managers and team leaders have the training established in the regulations of prevention of occupational risks related to the figure of preventive resource. In this way, all the work that we perform in each of our projects is supervised by fully qualified personnel in terms of quality and safety.



The following section summarize the fundamental principles for the management of health and safety:

  • The Prevention of Occupational Risks is led by the Management and must be integrated at all hierarchical levels
  • Each worker is an active member on safety matters, both for himself and his colleagues:
    • Management is a key factor in prevention
    • A proper Planning and Organization of works is a basic factor
    • Continuous promotion in the Training, Information and Qualification of the employees, as well as in the application of technological innovations
    • Control of working conditions: Safety and Health Inspections as the fundamental axis closer to the ground conditions
    • Continuous Improvement of the System, through audits and assessments, along with the application of all prevention tools