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Our Policy

INGENIERIA Y DESARROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L. is an organization dedicated to the promotion and installation of renewable energies. Especially sensitive to the environment, it offers a competitive energy model that provides economic profitability and social values to its customers, both domestic and industrial, as well as to investors.

The R+D+i management system from INGENIERIA Y DESARROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L. eit is establish on the grounds of the norm UNE 166002:2014 . Equally, it complies with the requirements established by current and applicable legislation.

The activity of the company is carried out in accordance with the R+D+i Management System implemented and the documents derived from it.

The R+D+i policy from INGENIERIA Y DESARROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L. is aimed at promoting and enhancing R+D+i activities as a differential factor of competitiveness in the sectors in which the company carries out its activity.

This policy establishes guidelines for the selection and development of R+D+i activities and their efficient management. As a result of this R+D+i policy, emerge the R+D+i commitments and objectives described below:

  • Increase satisfaction of the parties involved (needs and expectations of customers, suppliers, collaborators and employees) through the effective implementation of the R+D+i Management System
  • Continuously improve the R+D+i Management System and its processes
  • Provide the necessary resources to continuously maintain and improve the effectiveness of the R+D+i Management System
  • Improve relations with suppliers (communication) in order to gradually reduce incidents in deliveries and nonconformities related to these suppliers, generally improving the level of suppliers
  • Promote awareness of the importance of R+D+i by motivating and encouraging all staff in the participation in R+D+i activities through teamwork
  • To take advantage of and promote the human capital of the company, since we are aware that the best asset of the company are the people
  • To motivate staff by providing a scenario in which they can show and apply the experience acquired throughout their career, both by participating in R+D+i projects, as well as by learning and improving their technical knowledge
  • Allocate part of the company’s resources to the development and research of new products, in order to diversify our activity

The R+D+i policy of INGENIERIA Y DESARROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L is established on the basis of the role of the Company, that is no other than Management of R+D+i activities in mechanical and electrical devices for distribution and power generation systems.

To this end, the management of INGENIERIA Y DESARROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L. will establish R+D+i objectives on a regular basis, and it will be responsible for allocating the necessary resources to comply with them; as well as launching the monitoring and control activities of these R+D+i processes.


INDEREN encourages you to participate in our selection process of ideas



The way to participate in our selection of ideas is by completing the following FORM (PDF) and send it to sugerenciasune@inderen.es, You can use this same email address for any query or opinion regarding our R+D+i system.

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Biogas Digestor for small and medium agrifood plants

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Ambience Project

AMBIENCE PROJECT  “Disruptive capturing and revalorisation system of AMmonia for Farming BIogas plants ENhancing Circular Economy.”, AMBIENCE acronym. Project funded by IVACE within the framework calls for proposals for the EU H2020 of research and innovation 2014 – 2020.