In 2023, INDEREN participated in the construction of the biogas plant for the COVAP project, located in Pozoblanco, Córdoba, Spain.

In August 2023, INDEREN, subcontracted by the GENIA Bioenergy engineering company and under its supervision, started the equipment assembly and installation work of the biogas, substrates and heating pipes made of both stainless steel and carbon steel.

The INDEREN team completed the COVAP project in December 2023.

COVAP Biogas Plant INDEREN Planta Biogás COVAP INDEREN-Acero carbono-03

Carbon Steel

COVAP Biogas Plant INDEREN Planta Biogás COVAP INDEREN-Inoxidable-19

Stainless Steel

Works carried out by INDEREN

The INDEREN team carried out the following works in the COVAP biogas plant:

Boiler Room

  • Equipment assembly work (agitators, wall bushings, pumps, liquid separators, flowmeters, blowers, biogas chiller…)
  • Assembly of different valves, instrumentation…
  • Installation of the biogas pipes in the plant

Equipment Assembly

  • Installation of the substrate pipes in the plant
  • Installation of pipes at height on a rack structure
  • Installation of the boiler room for the project, including assembly of piping, instrumentation, valves, and various equipment (heat exchangers, recirculation pumps, collectors, etc.)

Carbon Steel

The photos about the COVAP biogas plant in Pozoblanco, Córdoba, Spain

Stainless Steel

General View

At INDEREN we are pleased to be able to work on renewable energy projects that guarantee a more sustainable future.

We have extensive experience in the field of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of biogas plants and waste treatment plants. We also offer our customers container solutions: manufacturing of containers combining different systems according to the client’s needs (biogas, solar, industrial…). Contact us for more information.

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