The profitability of a biomass boiler

Nowadays, the prices and costs of supplying fuel for the maintenance of home heating are rising. We can not stop thinking about if there are alternatives to our way of heating the home in winter.

Is our heating system profitable? If I opt for biomass, will the initial investment be amortized?

We must ask ourselves these questions to try to improve the current price situation when it comes to heating our house.

Is it possible to replace a regular conventional boiler with a biomass boiler?

There is no difference between a biomass boiler and a conventional gasoil or gas boiler. There is a difference in the material to burn, each one has different yields and costs.

These Costs and Performance of the material to be burned are those that can guide us on which of the types of boiler installation will eventually be more economical.
As for the installation, tanks, pipes and radiators, they are perfectly usable for any of the systems, since the boiler only serves to generate heat, indifferently from the material of consumption.

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The biomass

Biomass has many different types and forms:

  • Pellets
  • Crushed olive bone
  • Almond shell, hazelnut
  • Wood chips
  • High-calorie vegetables

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There are biomass boilers on the market that can use different types of biomass to heat. These boilers are called “poly-combustion”.

The particularity is that we can graduate the dosage depending on the type of starting biomastic material, they have the advantage of adapting to the cheapest material or at that time available. But you have to be well informed about our boiler model, because this type of graduation, sometimes, can only be done by a professional and we will have to call our maintenance service.

The general norm is to have a “pellets” boiler, which is a standardized material, from different manufacturers but with standardized characteristics for the proper functioning of the boilers.

Prices of a biomass boiler

The prices of a pellet boiler for domestic use are usually between € 3,500 and € 5,000.

This price varies depending on the capacity and performance of the boiler. When choosing the model, each installation has individual needs and will determine the power required to install our boiler.

These prices are higher than those of a gas or oil boiler, which will range between 1,500 and 2,500 euros, but in the medium and long term there are factors that can undoubtedly make us recover the investment soon after we make numbers.

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