What company to hire to achieve energy savings?

After the liberalization of the electricity market it is possible to change to the marketer you want and you do not have to be tied to the same company where you always were. The biggest problem is that many do not know which company offers the best rate and for this it would be advisable to use an Energy Comparison website.

These pages will help to choose the tariff that best fits the consumption and will specify which company is more suitable to hire. Obviously it will be necessary to detail some data that will allow the Energy Comparison website to look for the cheapest rates and achieve a greater energy efficiency.

  • Contracted power is one that the client must subscribe with the company and that will depend on the quantity of electrical appliances that they want to connect at the same time.
  • Time-based pricing is that type of rate in which night hours are cheaper than daytime.

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How to change to companies working with renewable energy?

After the reform of the energy market, many companies that offer 100% renewable electricity and that are qualify as “green” companies have emerged. More and more marketers are looking to offer this type of energy and expand in the energy market.

These offer rates endorsed to the Tarifa de Último Recurso (TUR), although in most cases ethe bill of electricity is 10% cheaper than with large companies.

Which gas company to choose to reduce the gas bill?

With the arrival of the cold, many consumers need to contract gas in their home and it would be convenient to review all the rates that are offered. To save time for the future customer, it would be necessary to use an Energy Comparison website to inform you of the cheapest rates in the energy market.

Consumers may choose the tariff based on consumption that may be higher than 5,000 kWh or less than 5,000 kWh.

Natural gas is the cheapest supply for the use of heating, hot water and also for cooking.

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