The Ammonia Trapping project is carried out thanks to the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union LIFE15 ENV/ES/000284.

Problem to be solved: due to livestock activity, ammonia emissions have increased in recent years, causing environmental problems.

Swine and poultry farms are large emitters of ammonia.

The Ammonia Trapping project consists of 3 main phases:
  1. Design of prototypes capable of trapping ammonia in the atmosphere and dissolved ammonia
  2. Construction and installation of the prototypes on the farms
  3. Monitoring of the capture of ammonia through the prototypes already installed

Prototipo ammonia trapping LIFE Inderen

Within this scenario of the project, INDEREN will manufacture 2 prototypes:
  • A prototype captures the ammonia in the atmosphere once it has been volatilized.
  • A second prototype captures the liquid waste ammonia (slurry and digestate), where ammonium (NH4 +) is found. With this prototype it is possible to capture the ammonium in the liquid before it turns into ammonia and volatilizes.

The video presentation of the project:

Ammonia trapping LIFE Inderen partners

LIFE Ammonia Trapping Partners


In this project they participate:

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