Ricardo Romaguera, the CEO of the INDEREN Company, attended the conference for the Exchange of Experiences between Operational Groups on the Irrigation on 13 February 2020.

Thanks to the organization, collaboration and support of many European and Spanish government entities such as the National Rural Network, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) and PNDR (National Rural Development Program) of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD); the event was held with resounding success with the objectives of exchanging experiences between Operational Groups, to implement the obtained results in other working areas or also to be taken as a reference for new operational groups and projects in the future.


The conference took place at the Centro Nacional de Capacitación (CENCA), Madrid, bringing together different Operational Groups and Innovative Projects, as well as other entities working on the development of rural areas (research centers, companies, cooperatives, etc.). Ricardo Romaguera, together with Miguel Galmes, presented the “Solar irrigation project” and explained the potential of the “Agro Photovoltaics (APV)” in solar park projects that are on the ground; with the intention of promoting the generation of innovative ideas for energy improvements in the irrigation, and also optimizing the plots where photovoltaic projects are built by implementing agricultural uses. In this way, increasing the visibility of the project’s results, as well as connecting other participants who are facing similar challenges to boost innovation and energy transition in the agricultural sector.

The conference for the exchange of experiences on the irrigation has fulfilled the following specific objectives:

  • Bring together the entities who are facing similar problems through innovation.
  • Facilitate the communication of the results obtained by measure 16 of the PDRs (Sustainable Rural Development Programs) and the PNDR, so that the generation of new ideas will be promoted and also that projects and solutions tested in one area can be implemented in others.
  • The visibility of the results of the projects was increased, bringing them closer to the working areas.
  • Facilitate communication between the EAFRD Operational Groups, and the projects which are being developed within the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 on the same issues.

Photos about the conference for the exchange of experiences between Operational Groups on the Irrigation





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